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large diameter stainless steel tube00425866514 1664429823246 1
super duplex pipe55299821625 1664429876018
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stainless steel seamless tubing24167787572 1664429803356 2


stainless steel seamless pipe38587200357 1664429833730 1

Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe

Stainless steel seamless pipe is manufactured from a solid billet and machining the center and outside of the billet, to form a pipe to standard specifications, we are your stainless steel seamless pipe supplier.

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stainless steel welded pipe42330023129 1664429790717 3

Stainless Steel Welded Pipe

Premium stainless steel welded pipe is manufactured by rolling stainless steel sheets on the machine and then welding the seams, then the weld is removed from the inside and outside of the pipe by flame cleaning blades, we stock stainless steel welded pipe in various sizes such as DN50, DN60, DN80, DN100, DN150, DN200, DN250, DN300, DN350, DN400, DN450, DN500, DN550, DN600, please contact us.

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90 degree stainless steel elbow52452816190 1664429784573

90 Degree Stainless Steel Elbow

90 degree stainless steel elbow used to connect the pipes into pipelines, we have duplex and super duplex stainless steel as our advantage products, for example S31803/2205, S32750, S32760, 1.4539, 1.4435, 1.4462 according to ASTM A815, we are 90 degree stainless steel elbow producer.

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stainless steel water tube21089879304 1664429787416

Stainless Steel Water Tube

We are a leading China factory with substantial experience in the engineering and manufacture of stainless steel water tube, our products are the raw material of water tanks & silos, if tank factories or sugar mills need purchase stainless steel water tube, we are the best choice.

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stainless steel rectangular tubing02065487376 1664429780385

Stainless Steel Rectangular Tubing

Stainless steel rectangular tubing or stainless steel rectangular hollow section (RHS), we stock multiple sizes of stainless steel rectangular tubing apply to doors and windows of the house, also used for handrail decoration.

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stainless steel pipe fittings46501929705 1664429776259 1

Stainless Steel Pipe Fittings

With our skillful techniques and excellent quality, we now offer a complete line of products including various pipe fittings: inox tubing Elbow, Stainless Steel Tee, Stainless Steel Reducer, Stainless Steel Cross, Stainless Steel Cap, high quality polished stainless steel tubing End, etc.

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