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Stainless Steel Pipe Supplier

Yasco as excellent stainless steel pipe supplier,the pipe is equipped with advanced production machinery and equipment. For 2 inch stainless steel pipe, we have computer controlled natural gas thermal treatment furnace, high precision straightening machine, and cold drawing/rolling mill.

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Stainless Steel Weld Pipe

Excellent polished stainless steel tubing has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and excellent finish. As a China inox tubing supplier, Yasco, stainless steel tubes (pipes) are commonly used in demanding equipment such as automotive, food processing, water treatment facilities, oil and gas processing, refining and petrochemical, breweries and energy industries.

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Stainless Tube Bending

Excellent stainless tube bending is also a kind of stainless steel special-shaped tube, which mainly distinguishes the shape of the formed tube, including U-shaped tube, J-shaped tube, S-shaped tube, and 90-degree snake head elbow.

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Stainless Steel Welded Tube

Stainless steel welded tube is 6 meters fixed length because the length is 6 meters, it is better to use 40ft container when arranging the shipment, we have our own forwarder can arrange shipment very well for stainless steel welded tube, welcome to contact with us.

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stainless steel t fitting34063968757 1664429811533

Stainless Steel T Fitting

Our butt welded stainless steel t fitting meet strict certifications required on current piping systems with qualities of high strength and SS corrosion resistance for use in various industries and environments, we are China producer of stainless steel t fitting.

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Stainless Steel Polished Tube

We have goods in stock for stainless steel polished tube including ASTM A269 TP316L BA, ASTM A270 TP316L BA, JIS G3459 SUS316L BA, also AP tubes and EP tubes for stainless steel polished tube be manufactured with any specifications.

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