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Molten Inert Gas Shielded Welding

Argon gas or argon-rich gas is used as the protective medium, and the arc welding between the continuously fed meltable welding wire and the welding wire workpiece is used as the heat source. The welding quality of this method is stable and reliable. It is most suitable for welding medium and thick plates of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, titanium and their alloys, and also suitable for welding stainless steel, heat-resistant steel and low-alloy steel.


1. Due to the large current-carrying capacity of the welding wire, the welding productivity is high. The arc of MIG welding is open arc, the welding process parameters are stable, easy to detect and control.

2. The welding arc is stable under the protection of argon or argon-rich gas.

3. The oxidation of arc atmosphere is very weak or even non-oxidizing. MIG welding can not only weld carbon steel and high alloy steel, but also weld many active metals and their alloys, such as aluminum and aluminum alloys, magnesium and magnesium alloys, etc. .


1. When welding steel, MAG can meet the requirements of thin gauge steel plates with a thickness of only 0.6mm. The shielding gas used here is MIG welding equipment that is more complicated and expensive than manual arc welding, and it is not portable and flexible to use.

2. The size of the MIG welding torch is relatively large, and the welding cable is relatively rigid and inflexible. In addition, the length of the welding wire is 12-25mm, which makes it difficult to observe the welding arc and obtain high-quality welds.

3. When outdoor welding is performed by MIG welding, it is often restricted by weather or protective measures. In order to avoid the explosion of the shielding gas during welding, protective measures should be taken for the shielding gas cylinder. When the outdoor wind speed exceeds 2.2 m/s, it is not easy to use MIG welding for welding.

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