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Stainless Steel Pipe Inspection

When receiving the goods, whether it is a stainless steel pipe agent or a stainless steel pipe engineer, it is necessary to check on the spot whether the stainless steel pipe is damaged during transportation. The procedure for inspecting pipes when receiving the goods is generally:

1. Before unloading, the appearance inspection must be carried out. For example, whether the packaging of the stainless steel pipe is intact and undamaged; when unloading, perform an appearance inspection again to confirm whether the stainless steel pipe has suffered accidental damage during transportation.

2. Every aspect of unloading, transportation or stacking of stainless steel pipes may be improperly handled, causing damage or depression of the stainless steel pipes. Under normal circumstances, the outer surface of each pipe should be inspected to check for damage.

3. The stainless steel pipe agent or engineer should check the quantity of stainless steel pipe according to the bill of lading to avoid missing or incorrect delivery quantity.

4. Store the stainless steel pipes found to have traces of damage separately from other pipes and should not be handled without authorization.

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