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How To Calculate The Weight Of Stainless Steel Pipe

In the process of selling stainless steel pipes, there are often multiple questions about the weight of a stainless steel pipe.

In fact, stainless steel pipes have different theoretical weights because of their different materials. Even for steel pipes of the same material, diameter and thickness, their weight may be different due to factors such as different cutting widths, rolling errors, and pipe length errors. Therefore, the so-called support weight of stainless steel pipes is only a theoretical relative weight, and there are no steel pipes of absolutely the same weight.

The calculation formula for the weight of stainless steel pipe is as follows:

304 round tube

(Outer diameter-thickness) ¡Á thickness ¡Á density (0.02491) ¡Á length

304 square tube

[(Side length¡Á4)¡Â3.14£­thickness]¡Áthickness¡Ádensity (0.02491)¡Álength

304 rectangular tube

[(Length + width)¡Á2¡Â3.14£­thickness]¡Áthickness¡Ádensity (0.02491)¡Álength

Density of 201 material (0.02491)

Density of 316L material (0.02507)

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