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Features Of Stainless Steel Socket Welded Pipe Fittings

1. Stainless steel socket welded piping system is based on the advantages and advantages of the two traditional connection methods of socket connection and welding connection, and organic combination, thus developed a new type of thin wall Stainless steel piping system.

2. The stainless steel socket welding connection is recognized as a "jointless connection" connection method, which has obvious advantages over other connection methods in terms of connection strength and sealing performance.

3. No welding wire is needed in the welding process of stainless steel socket welding, and the end of the pipe fitting socket is replaced, which not only makes the pipeline material integrated, but also saves welding accessories and increases the welding speed. ¡¡

4. The stainless steel socket welded piping system has a wide range of applications, suitable for outdoor public places and indoor exposed installations, and concealed coatings, especially for embedded walls, pipeline wells and other occasions.

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