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Why Does Stainless Steel Pipe Deform After Carburizing And Nitriding?

The carburizing methods of stainless steel pipes include solid carburizing, liquid carburizing, gas carburizing, and carbonitriding and other different types, which require equipment and heat treatment operation methods suitable for each carburizing source. Carburizing is carried out by adsorbing activated carbon atoms from the atmosphere on the surface of the stainless steel tube, and these carbon atoms diffuse into the steel. The main factors affecting carburizing are the carbon potential of the carburizing atmosphere, the carburizing temperature and the carburizing time. The above formula is used to estimate the total carburized layer depth.

In addition, the above formula assumes that the carburized surface carbon concentration is the saturated carbon concentration of austenite at each carburizing temperature. When the carbon concentration on the carburized surface is lower than the saturated concentration of austenite at this temperature, it is calculated from the above formula The carburizing depth value is too small. The defects caused by the carburization of stainless steel pipes are related to the above-mentioned main factors, the steel grade, composition, and quenching method after carburizing.

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