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Steps For Clamping Connection Of Stainless Steel Pipe

1. Pipe breaking: Cut the pipe to the required length. When breaking the pipe, do not use excessive force to prevent the pipe from being out of round.

2. Remove the burrs: After the pipe is cut off, the burrs should be removed to avoid cutting the seal.

3. Line marking: In order to fully insert the steel pipe into the socket of the fitting, the insertion length must be marked and drawn at the pipe end.

4. Assembly: The sealing ring should be correctly installed in the U-shaped groove of the pipe fitting. Insert the pipe into the socket of the pipe fitting and wait for crimping.

5. Crimping: During crimping, the convex part of the pipe is placed in the concave groove of the mold, and the jaw is kept perpendicular to the pipe axis.

6. Inspection: After the crimping is completed, use a special gauge to check the crimping size.

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