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304 Stainless Steel Stub End

As a China inox tubing manufacturer, Yasco, Every popular stainless steel 304l flanges end will be tested by PMI after the production is completed. The products we provide are in line with NACE. We have long and short 304 stainless steel ends in various specifications. You can also get sample polishing for free Stainless steel short end.

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Every item of popular stainless steel 304l flanges end will be PMI tested when we finish the production, our supplied products comply with NACE, we stock long type and short type 304 stainless steel stub end in various specification, also you can get sample for free for polished stainless steel stub end.

Popular stainless steel 304l flanges Show:

Yasco mainly produces stainless steel pipe fittings, stainless steel elbows, stainless steel flanges, butt welding ring loose sleeve flanges, and stainless steel stub end at low prices and excellent quality.


Popular stainless steel 304l flanges workshop:

Stainless steel stub end is a forming process that stretches or compresses the outer edge of the work piece to produce a vertical edge with a small height. Divided into convex curve flange and concave curve flange.


Popular stainless steel 304l flanges Quality Assurance:

After all stainless steel stub end materials arrive at the site, they should be unpacked in accordance with the packing list and the foreign site material inspectors to confirm whether the attached documents (certificate of conformity, test records, etc.) and the name, specifications, materials, and quantity of the materials are available. Meet the packing list and design requirements, if any problems are found, they should be recorded in time for confirmation by foreign inspection personnel.


Popular stainless steel 304l flanges application:

popular stainless steel 304l flanges end widely used in electric power, oil and gas, chemical industry, shipbuilding, heating, paper making, metallurgy, construction, medicine and other industries. Packaging: wooden box packaging, pallet packaging, fumigation-free wooden box packaging, also can be packed according to customer requirements.


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