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oem metal fabrication09242733868 1664429795825

Oem Metal Fabrication

We supply OEM metal fabrication for our global customers, our controlled work environment provides efficient productivity, quality assurance, quality control, and safety. Find OEM metal fabrication services, find us.

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sheet metal laser cutting15309772212 1664429793503

Sheet Metal Laser Cutting

We offer cutting services from small jobs to large production runs, sheet metal laser cutting capabilities include the cutting of different shapes, sizes & density of materials to specifications, we will be your China partner of sheet metal laser cutting.

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bending stainless steel sheet23361499691 1664429792579 1

Bending Stainless Steel Sheet

Our company is equipped to create the custom bending stainless steel sheet you need conforming to whatever your specifications may be. Our facilities house state-of-the-art equipment from welders, lathes, saws, and presses to square and round polishers, press brakes and mills.

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sheet metal slitting27523069679 1664429804718 1

Sheet Metal Slitting

We offer sheet metal slitting services for your custom-cut requirements. The advantages of our sheet metal slitting include very high-quality edges, speed of cutting, and tight tolerances, our company are specialist of providing sheet metal slitting services.

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stainless steel equal tee48434894969 1664429788840

Stainless Steel Equal Tee

We carry a full line of 304 & 316L stainless steel equal tee that meet strict certifications for today’s pipe systems, our high-quality stainless steel equal tee come in a variety of sizes and schedules starting from sch5s to sch160.

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stainless steel concentric reducer14088596243 1664429788178

Stainless Steel Concentric Reducer

Yasco is a well-known producer and exporter of stainless steel concentric reducer in China, our inventory based in Zhejiang is equipped with advanced machinery and technology, which helps us deliver outstanding products, port of loading is Shanghai, Ningbo or Guangzhou, find us and purchase stainless steel concentric reducer.

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