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stainless steel unequal angle30436560499 1664429880079
stainless steel tube reducer08237331172 1664429841321
stainless steel flat plate20128723175 1664429880774
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stainless steel lap joint flange52184611673 1664429849024


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Stainless Steel Pipe Fabrication

Our stainless steel pipe fabrication facilities have the ability to handle stainless pipe and tube up to 72″ diameter in all schedules, our highly-trained, professional welders work with stainless steel, nickel alloys and many other alloys. We also specializes in seamless stainless steel pipe fabrication.

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stainless steel sheet metal fabrication06182733354 1664429846437

Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Fabrication

Our stainless steel sheet metal fabrication includes custom cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting, polishing, grinding, welding & threading, we deliver the qualified stainless steel sheet metal fabrication products, contact us today for the price and lead time of your fabrication requirements.

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ss square pipe02060148766 1664429848917

SS Square Pipe

SS square pipe is same as ss hollow section, we manufacture ss square pipe for application in different industries, for example mechanical structure, equipment component and advanced tools.

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Duplex 2205 Pipe

As a China inox tubing manufacturer, Yasco,We are a manufacturer of Excellent duplex pipe, UNS S32205 or UNS S31803 is American standard, 1.4462 is Europe standard, because duplex 2205 pipe has 22% Cr, 3% Mo, and 0.18% N as the chemical composition, so its corrosion resistance better than 316L.

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316 Stainless Steel Pipe

Excellent 316 stainless steel pipe  was selected due to its high corrosion resistance and good welding, if you need 316 stainless steel pipe used in marine industry or shipyard, please contact us for quoting.

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Stainless Pipe

ASTM A312 is the main standard for stainless pipe, also have ASTM A358, ASTM A213, ASTM A269, ASTM A249, ASTM A270, ASTM A511, ASTM A789, ASTM A790, ASTM A928, JIS G3459, JIS G3446, JIS G3448, JIS G3463, EN10216-5, EN10217-7, DIN 17455, DIN17456, DIN17457, DIN17458, GOST9941, different standard of stainless pipe related different application.

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