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Value Added Services

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Quality is a mentality of the maker. Yasco has a Quality Control department that is independent of production and falls directly under management. Before production commences, the tests and inspections that are required according to the building standard and additional client requirements are determined.



Yasco produces tanks varying in size from 500 litre to 15000 m3,either in our own factories or on site at the customer.The biggest customer is the food sector,including beer breweries,dairy companies,drinks manufacturers and the edible oils industry.Other important customers are active in chemicals,cosmetics and pharmaceuticals.We distinguish ourselves through constant innovation in technology,processes and teamwork.



Depending on the destination, we can build the tanks in our factory, or transfer material to customer side and construct them directly on-site. We produce high-grade tanks and storage tanks up to a diameter of 6 m at our factory. If the tank cannot be transported by road, we often transfer the materials to customers side,you only need provide the material list and drawings to us.


A healthy business demands good governance. By keeping smart people loyal to the company, we can bring the quality and potential of Yasco to full fruition. Our founder Frank and Aurora pursue quality and growth with passion and commitment. They honed their skills within the growing enterprise and can now help Yasco develop further with their wide-ranging knowledge and expertise. Both men are shining examples of the opportunities that an expanding quality-driven company offers its employees. 





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