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Understand the high quality stainless steel welded pipe classification of the whole book, recommended collection

High quality stainless steel welded pipe is more common in the project tube, common 201 and 304 two kinds of materials. It has the irreplaceable advantages of other tubes, the project will be more and more applications, the use will become more and more popular, the prospects are favorable.

In some cases, stainless steel pipe has superiority, especially the wall thickness of only 0.6 ~ 1.2mm thin-walled stainless steel pipe, in the high-quality drinking water system, hot water system and will be safe, sanitary and environmental protection in the first place of the water supply system, has a safe and reliable, health and environmentally friendly, affordable and so on. Has been proved by domestic and foreign engineering practice is the best comprehensive performance of the water supply system, one of the new, energy-saving and environmentally friendly pipe, the following is a detailed introduction to the high quality stainless steel welded pipe.

high quality stainless steel welded pipe

High quality stainless steel welded pipe types and uses summary

  • Stainless steel welded pipe for decoration

1. Material: 201, 304 is the main, 301, 316 a small number of

2. Use: stairs, doors, windows, guardrails and other decorative projects, part of the lower requirements of the product piping

3. Characteristics: bright surface, brushed or frosted, to the negative differential

  • High quality stainless steel welded pipe products

1. Material: 201, 304, 316 mainly

2. Usage: bathroom home, product piping, fluid pipe, etc.

3. Characteristics: positive and negative differences in specifications, surface brightness, workmanship and other strict requirements, there will be bending, expanding and shrinking and other requirements.

  • Shaped stainless steel welded pipe

Shaped tube is generally a small number of cases to take the second round tube tube pressure pipe forming (except groove tube), a larger number of customized production, due to different specifications, sometimes the lack of molds, you may need to bear the corresponding mold costs.

1. Oval pipe: positive oval pipe, flat oval pipe

2. Fluted tube: round, square, rectangular, oval tube can be grooved, generally used for guardrail border card glass with

3. Others: triangular, handrail, arch, fan, door frame tube, etc.

  • High quality stainless steel welded pipe with pattern

The emergence of patterned tube has changed the traditional stainless steel tube appearance of a single feature, a refreshing change, a few days ago, a number of tube factory has been on-line patterned tube project.

1. Ordinary embossing: traditional round tube section pressure gourd pattern

2. European embossing: the surface of the pipe pressure back to the shape, auspicious clouds, money and other patterns.

  • Color high quality stainless steel welded pipe

In the stainless steel pipe surface plating a layer of color, any material specifications can be, on the basis of the pipe by the square to increase the corresponding processing costs, in the past has been four meters below the color plating, now gold, rose gold, black titanium has been available 6 meters color plating, color pipe needs to reduce the welding rate, the use of linkage parts.

  • Composite high quality stainless steel welded pipe

1. Stainless steel composite pipe: the first two years there was a surface of 304, the inner layer of 201 composite pipe, and now after the price of 304 has fallen, the composite pipe has been reduced.

2. Carbon steel composite pipe: surface 201 or 304, internal carbon steel, surface thickness of 1.0 or less, generally used for highway guardrail project.

  • Industrial stainless steel welded pipe

Industrial pipe also has welded pipe and seamless pipe, mainly used for engineering structures, all kinds of pipelines and so on.

high quality stainless steel welded pipe

What are the classifications of high quality stainless steel welded pipes?

  • Stainless steel tube is classified according to material

Divided into ordinary carbon steel pipe, high-quality carbon structural steel pipe, alloy structural pipe, alloy steel pipe, bearing steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, as well as in order to save precious metals and to meet the special requirements of the bimetallic composite pipe, plated and coated pipe and so on. Stainless steel tube of a wide variety of different uses, its technical requirements are different, the production method is also different.

  • Classification according to the production method

High quality stainless steel welded pipe according to the production method is divided into two categories of seamless pipe and welded pipe, seamless steel pipe can be divided into hot-rolled pipe, cold-rolled pipe, cold-drawn pipe and extruded pipe, etc., cold-drawn, cold-rolled is the secondary processing of steel pipe; welded pipe is divided into straight-seam welded pipe and spiral welded pipe and so on.

  • According to the cross-section shape classification

Stainless steel tube can be divided into round and shaped tube according to the cross-section shape. Shaped tube has rectangular tube, rhombus-shaped tube, oval tube, hexagonal tube, octagonal tube and a variety of cross-section asymmetric tube. Shaped tube is widely used in a variety of structural components, tools and mechanical parts.

  • According to the tube end shape classification

High quality stainless steel welded pipe can be divided into light tube and wire tube (with threaded steel tube) according to the tube end state. Car silk tube can be divided into ordinary car silk tube (conveying water, gas and other low-pressure pipe, using ordinary cylindrical or conical pipe thread connection) and special threaded pipe (oil, geological drilling pipe, for the important car silk tube, using a special thread connection), for some special pipe, in order to make up for the effect of the thread on the end of the strength of the pipe, usually in the car before the silk pipe end of the first thickening (thickening, thickening, or inside and outside the thickening).

  • Classification according to use

According to the use can be divided into oil well pipe (casing, tubing and drill pipe, etc.), line pipe, boiler tube, mechanical structure pipe, hydraulic strut pipe, gas cylinder pipe, geological pipe, chemical pipe (high-pressure fertilizer pipe, petroleum cracking pipe) and marine pipe, and so on.

high quality stainless steel welded pipe

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