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Take a look at polished stainless steel tubing

The polishing treatment of polished stainless steel tubing is actually a process of cutting the surface of stainless steel tubing. Generally is the use of light material, light instruments through the surface of the stainless steel tube and friction, so as to achieve the cutting of the surface of the stainless steel tube, and ultimately obtain the corresponding light surface. In addition, the surface light of stainless steel tube also has internal light and external light. External light is to use different coarse grain size cloth sisal wheel for surface cutting, to obtain the glossy surface. Internal light is inside the stainless steel tube with plastic grinding head for reciprocating or selective movement, the internal cutting of stainless steel tube.


What are all the ways to polish stainless steel tubing polishing treatment?

  1. Dry grinding and drawing:The most common brushed wire has long wire and short wire, usually stainless steel tube can show a certain decorative effect after such a surface treatment. Usually stainless steel tube can form a good effect after a grinding. Dry grinding and drawing processing equipment is relatively inexpensive and easy to operate, low cost, and become a mandatory equipment for processing centers.
  2. Oil Grinding and Drawing:Stainless steel tube through the oil grinding brushed better reflect the perfect decorative effect. Has been widely used in various home furnishing industry, the market usually has a hot rolled oil mill and cold rolled oil mill, the effect is almost the same. In addition, there are long wire and short wire oil grinding and drawing distinction. Elevator decoration is generally used filament, and similar to small appliances are both options.
  3. 8K surface treatment: usually after 8K grinding process can achieve the effect of mirror surface. Nowadays, the 8K grinding process is less costly and has been widely used.
  4. Titanium surface treatment: titanium surface is relatively high-end, so the decorative effect will be more gorgeous. It is mostly used in the decoration of building materials.

Polished Stainless Steel Tubing What does the EP BA AP grade stand for?

  1. EP: Do electrochemical polishing on the inner surface on the basis of high-quality BA tube, then do purification with high-purity water and pack with nitrogen gas.Electrolytic polishing is the use of anodic treatment, by means of electrochemical principles, the appropriate adjustment of voltage, current, acid composition, as well as polishing time, not only can make the surface to achieve bright, smooth, clean results, but also enhance the corrosion resistance of the surface, so it is the best way to brighten up the surface, but of course, its cost and technology are also correspondingly increased a lot.
  2. BA: It is the abbreviation of Bright Annealed, also known as Stainless Steel BA Tube, Clean Tube, Bright Annealed Tube, Seamless Tube, Gas Line Tube, High Purity Gas Line Tube, Tubing. Precise size, smooth surface, overall cleanliness, the inner surface is not polished than polished finish.
  3. AP: Pickling pipe, pipe after pickling or passivation, will not improve the surface roughness, single can remove residual particles, reduce the energy level, but will not reduce the number of dielectric layer.The corrosion resistance of polished stainless steel tubing mainly comes from the chromium element contained in it reacts with oxygen to form a dense protective layer on its surface. And the role of pickling is to allow it to occur in advance of this reaction, in order to improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel pipe, pickling process will be removed from the surface of the pipe attached to the oil and other substances contaminated in the production. Pipes inside and outside the surface of the rougher easily have suspended impurities attached.


Benefits of internal polished stainless steel tubing polishing:

  1. In the process of production and processing, internal polishing stainless steel tube will inevitably appear a certain amount of scratches, polishing treatment can be these scratches or defects thrown off.
  2. The material of the inner thrown polished stainless steel tubing itself is very easy to be scratched by sharp objects, so it is very easy to have scratches, and the polishing treatment can improve the hardness of the stainless steel cabinet countertops.
  3. Polishing treatment can improve the surface smoothness of the internal polishing stainless steel tubing, thus improving the visual aesthetics. According to its complexity and user requirements of different situations can be used respectively mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, electrochemical polishing and other methods to achieve mirror luster.

Polished stainless steel tubing surface blackening how to deal with?

  1. Polished stainless steel tubing welded argon used to increase the purity of pure argon, pure argon alone from the tube surface, pure argon than the general argon welded out of the brightness is obviously brighter.
  2. Back argon gas to do a good job of protection, important polished stainless steel pipe after welding to do back protection, otherwise, high temperature oxidation will lead to the back of the weld layer through the oxidation of the weld layer occurs to produce defects, grinding the back of the weld with the slag, so the protection of the back after the protection of the oxidation of the back can be effective in preventing the oxidation of the back.
  3. You can do in the back to apply the back protector, is a can save argon gas protection, apply about 1 mm thickness can be, and then in the front welding, in the back to form a thin layer of film to form a protective layer.

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