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Surface Heat Treatment Of Stainless Steel Pipe

1. Stainless steel tube roller hearth type bright heat treatment furnace

This type of furnace is suitable for heat treatment of large-size and large-scale special-shaped stainless steel tubes, and the hourly output is above 1.0t. The protective gases that can be used are high-purity hydrogen, decomposed ammonia, and other protective gases. Can be equipped with a convection cooling system for faster cooling of shaped stainless steel tubes.

2. Stainless steel tube mesh belt type bright heat treatment furnace

This type of furnace is suitable for small-diameter thin-walled precision shaped stainless steel tubes. The hourly output is about 0.3 to 1.0t. The length of the processed steel pipe can reach 40m, and it can also be used for the capillary tube. Equipped with convection cooling system for quick cooling. Using gas fuel or electric heating, various shielding gases can be used. The special-shaped stainless steel tube after this furnace-type heat treatment has no scratches and good brightness.

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