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Raw Materials Of Stainless Steel Decorative Pipes

Stainless steel raw materials have the difference between refining furnace and intermediate frequency furnace

1. Raw materials of refining furnace:

The steel strip of the stainless steel tube of the refining furnace is made from ore and other materials with refined furnace coal. It is ideal for controlling harmful raw materials. The material is soft, polished, and the weld is flat. The key is strong corrosion resistance, deep processing, and good technology. Convenient for deep processing such as bending and welding.

The refining furnace is raw ore smelting, commonly known as AOD refining furnace, which blows inert gas (Ar, N2) into molten steel at standard atmospheric pressure while blowing in inert gas (Ar, N2) to achieve the effect of false vacuum by reducing the partial pressure of CO, thereby reducing the carbon content To a very low level, and inhibit the oxidation of chromium in steel. It is suitable for the production of low-carbon and ultra-low-carbon stainless steel, and it is easy to control the S content in special steel below 0.005%. AOD refining furnace can be used for secondary steelmaking to achieve the purpose of refining. Generally, relevant elements can be flexibly added or reduced; in the smelting process Generally, scrap iron and iron sand are used for steelmaking. The product quality is relatively high and the ductility is good. The deep-drawn stainless steel products are generally smelted in a refining furnace.

2. Intermediate frequency furnace

The steel strip of the stainless steel tube of the intermediate frequency furnace is poor in terms of material and production technology, and it is not easy to control the composition, and it is also very harmful to the environment. In addition, the polishing effect is poor, the hardness is high and the deep processing is difficult, and the important thing is that the performance is unstable and the corrosion resistance is poor. The intermediate frequency furnace is unstable and easy to rust, and the material of the refining furnace is stable and not easy to rust.

Intermediate frequency is used for smelting scrap metal. Alternating current is used to generate an alternating magnetic field. The metal in the alternating magnetic field generates alternating induced potential and induced current. The direction of the induced current is opposite to the direction of the current in the induction coil of the furnace. Under the action of the induced electromotive force, the heated metal generates an induced current. When the stainless steel plate current passes, it generates heat to overcome the resistance of the metal and perform work.

The intermediate frequency furnace uses this heat to heat and melt the metal to achieve the purpose of melting. The intermediate frequency furnace can only be used for steelmaking once, especially in terms of raw materials, which cannot be flexibly controlled. Therefore, stainless steel scrap and iron sand are generally used for smelting stainless steel plates. This smelting method cannot control the content of a certain element, so the product quality is relatively inferior, and it is generally not used for deep processing and other product industries.

The material of the intermediate frequency furnace is unstable and easy to rust, and the material of the refining furnace is stable and not easy to rust. 04 4: Element distinction: the carbon content of the intermediate frequency furnace is more than 0.1%, and the carbon content of the refining furnace is less than 0.1%.

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