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How To Solve The Problem Of Stainless Steel Pipe Weld Size?

The problem of welding seam of stainless steel pipe will reduce the bearing capacity of stainless steel pipe, shorten the service life, and even cause brittle fracture.

The size of the weld that does not meet the requirements mainly refers to the size of the weld's reinforcement and the difference of the reinforcement, the width and width of the weld, the amount of side deviation, the amount of post-weld deformation, etc. that do not meet the requirements of the standard, and the weld is uneven in height, uneven in width, and deformed Larger and so on.

Inconsistent weld width, in addition to causing unsightly weld formation, it also affects the bonding strength between the weld and the base metal;

If the weld reinforcement is too large, it will cause stress concentration, while if the weld is lower than the base metal, sufficient joint strength will not be obtained; wrong edges and excessive deformation will cause the force transmission to be distorted and stress concentration, resulting in a decrease in strength.

Causes: improper bevel angle or blunt edges and uneven assembly gap of stainless steel welded pipe; unreasonable selection of welding process parameters; low level of welder's operating skills, etc.

Preventive measures: select appropriate groove angle and assembly gap; improve assembly quality; select appropriate welding process parameters; improve welder's operating technology level, etc.

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