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How To Protect The Stainless Steel Pipe During Welding?

Stainless steel pipes often need to be welded during use. In order to ensure the performance of stainless steel pipes, protective measures are required, especially in special working environments. Today, I will tell you how to protect the stainless steel pipe during welding.

1. Stainless steel pipes should be stored in a special warehouse, and stainless steel pipes and carbon steel pipes cannot be mixed. Moisture-proof, anti-collision, anti-pollution and damage of ferrous metals.

2. Tailor-welding of stainless steel pipes should have a special workshop or wooden board to avoid direct contact between stainless steel and carbon steel platform.

3. The steel wire rope for hoisting stainless steel pipe must have special protection to avoid direct contact between stainless steel and carbon steel wire rope.

4. Welders are required to use stainless steel wire brushes and slag hammers, and grinding wheels used on stainless steel pipes are not allowed to be mixed with carbon steel pipes.

5. Special tools for processing stainless steel must not be mixed with carbon steel.

6. Do not use steel pins or paint on rusty steel pipes. Use chlorine-free ink for marking. Some damages caused during the processing of stainless steel pipes, such as welding spatter, arc damage, smoke spots and mechanical scratches, must be completely removed (rough grinding with a wheel and polishing with a polishing machine). The welding method and welding materials of stainless steel pipes are tungsten argon arc welding. Back side argon gas protection for all-position single-sided welding, double-sided molding. In order to ensure the welding quality of stainless steel pipes, according to the feature that the joints of stainless steel pipes are mainly butt joints, the welding of pipes, flanges (high neck flanges) and non-butt jointed branch pipes uses manual tungsten arc welding. The joint between the pipe and the casing is welded by manual arc welding.

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