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How To Choose High-quality Ring Pressure Stainless Steel Water Pipes?

1. Touch

The high-quality stainless steel water pipe has a soft and delicate texture and uniform particles. There are mainly three colors of white, gray, and green on the market. White stainless steel water pipes are more common. The difference in color is caused by the use of raw material stainless steel water pipes. The difference in color is not a factor that determines the quality of the pipe. If you touch the pipe body, if the particles are rough, it may be caused by other impurities added to the raw material.

2. Smell

The main raw material of ring pressure stainless steel water pipes is polypropylene. The high-quality ones are odorless, and if they have peculiar smells, they are inferior. Poor-quality pipe materials are likely to be blended with polyethylene.

3. Pinch

The ring pressure stainless steel water pipe has considerable hardness, it will not be deformed when it is pinched, and it is easy to restore even if it is deformed. The pipe that is easy to deform with just a pinch is a poor quality pipe.

4. Smash

Pipes that are too easy to smash are not high-quality pipes, but those with strong hardness are not necessarily high-quality pipes. To increase the hardness of the pipes, many stainless steel water pipe manufacturers add too much calcium carbonate to the material. Such pipes tend to be brittle after long use.

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