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Factors Affecting The Gloss Of Stainless Steel Pipes

1. The quality of the steel strip

Any product is of good quality. It is difficult to make high-brightness stainless steel pipes with inferior stainless steel raw materials. The refining furnace steel belt used in stainless steel ensures the surface gloss of the pipe, and the surface gloss of the stainless steel pipe is more durable.

2. Production process

The polishing process of stainless steel pipes has a great influence on the brightness of stainless steel pipes. When polishing, polishing equipment, polishing wax and polishing workers’ skills all determine the brightness of the finished stainless steel pipe.

3. How much copper content

The copper content is mainly for 201 stainless steel. The stainless steel strip of the refining furnace in the 201 stainless steel tube contains high copper content. The copper content directly affects not only the toughness of the 201 stainless steel tube, but also improves the 201 stainless steel tube. brightness. But this is for high-copper 201 stainless steel, some inferior 201 stainless steel does not even contain copper.


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