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Construction Technology Of Ring Pressure Stainless Steel Water Pipe

1. We need to measure the size of the matching plate better, and then mark the ring pressure stainless steel water pipe according to the required length of the installation, and use an angle grinder to cut the plate. The special stainless steel grinding wheel must be used for cutting. The cutting end face should be as vertical as possible, and the cutting slope should be within 3mm.

2. After the board is blocked, the surface and the inside should be deburred. Extra burrs are not allowed to avoid cutting the rubber O-ring when the pipe is inserted into the board during the installation process, which may cause leakage after crimping.

3. Make sure that the ring pressure stainless steel water pipe is completely inserted into the body of the plate. It is necessary to mark the insertion length at the end of the plate to cover the length of the plate. Otherwise, the plate is not inserted properly and the plate falls off.

4. Put the ring pressure stainless steel water pipe to be crimped into the crimping part of the clamp die on the clamp base, and start the crimping tool for one-time crimping. Pay attention to not shaking during the crimping process, so as not to cause crimping distortion.

5. After the crimping of the ring pressure stainless steel water pipe is completed, a special gauge is used to check the size of the crimping. The equivalent gauge can pass the process smoothly, indicating that the crimping is qualified.

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