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Alloy 625

Equivalent designations: UNS N06625 and DIN W. Nr. 2.4856


Form Standard
Rod and bar ASTM B 446
Plate, sheet and strip B 443, B 906
Seamless pipe and tube B 444, B 829
Welded pipe and tube B 705, B 775
Pipe Fitting B 366
Billet and bar for reforging B 472
Forging B 564


Chemical Composition:

% Ni Cr Mo Fe C Mn So P S Co Nb+Ta Al Ti
Min 58.00  20.00  8.00  3.15 
Max 23.00  10.00  5.00  0.10  0.50  0.50  0.02  0.02  1.00  4.15  0.40  0.40 


Physical Properties:


Density 8.44 g/cm3
Melting range 1290-1350¡æ



Inconel 625 has excellent strength at temperatures up to 816¡æ. Its power is generally lower at higher temperatures than other solid solution-strengthened alloys. Inconel 625 has good oxidation resistance at temperatures up to 980¡æ and shows good resistance to aqueous corrosion, but is relatively moderate compared to other more capable corrosion-resistant alloys.




Chemical process industry and sea water application. Inconel 625 is used in short-term applications at temperatures up to 816¡æ. For long-term service, it is best restricted to a maximum of 593¡æ, because long-term exposure above 593¡æ will result in significant embrittlement.


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